I Miss the Summer

I'm craving the summer...I can't wait because it means a few things:
I will be almost graduated
I will be finished with classes
I will be able to make money working a 45 hour week!!!
And I will be able to enjoy it :)


Jackie Willis said...

i miss summer too. but this at least gives something to look forward to. love the way you waited on the sun in the harbor.

Jessica M. Benton said...

Oh Lucy, your spring fever has hit early and you are trying to give it to the rest of us with your ocean photos. I've been craving the beach a lot recently. And I've been craving money. This is tough but we'll get through it. I like how you can see the little ripples from the paddler. I would crop in to the bottom image so that the distracting side elements are taken out, or clone them out... but I know you don't want to do that if you are dreaming of the beach.

Eddie Lester said...

Both of these photographs are great but I really like the one with the boats in the harbor. The guy rowing the boat looks so peaceful.I also look forward to summer and graduation.