I have a new blog! 

Thank you for all the years of following me on this blog, but I now have a brand new one.




Christmas and New Website

Merry Christmas! I have not posted on this blog in a long time...I've been keeping up my other
blog a bit more regularly..

Some exciting new NEWS!!! My brand new website will be debuting itself here in the next few weeks... The website name will be : www.lucyclementphotography.com

I'm SUPER excited! 

Here are a few pictures for you eyes to enjoy. Merry Christmas!

Not Christmas without a little Duke spirit
My pretty presents for my family.
Our tree....lacking a tree topper....(maybe next year).


Coming to an end...

My time as a photography student at RCC is coming to an end...
2 years have gone by, and the amount of knowledge I have learned is tremendous.
Here is a glimpse of some of the stuff I shot my first year...

And into my 2nd year as a Commercial Student....

And then going onto my internship in the Spring with Whitebox...

Stay tuned for the next post...somtime this week, which will be a collection of my final portfolio...I'm super excited about it! :) 


Newborn: Eliana

This is little miss Eliana. She was 5 days old when I shot this session. She was a little peanut at 6lbs. 12 oz.

She looks just like her older brothers
I love this one! : )



Chakras Day Spa Soundslide

Chakras Day Spa is located in Greensboro, NC. I did this for my multimedia class...


Before and After Photoshop

These are some images that i put together showing the difference photoshop can make...

Chakras Day Spa

These images were taken from my first soundslide project of Chakras Spa in downtown Greensboro...


Nuetrogena Mineral Sheers

This assignment was for James Walter's class...we were to find tearsheets of a product, people and a theory, so this is my product shot. This was a very difficult shoot for me...but finally after 3 hours of shooting, and about 4 hours of post production work later....this is what i got:

Shot w/. Mamiya 645 w/. Leaf Aptus digital back.

Chuck Portrait

This was a commercial portrait of our teacher, Chuck...The idea was to create a portrait that looks very commercial-y.Shot with: Mamiya 645 w/. Leaf Aptus Digital back


Sounds of the Zoo

Thats so last year...

A few Black and Whites from my first semester at RCC in 2006...


New Bath and Body Works scent: LEMON BAR!

This was for my joint assignment, the new scent of bath and body works is lemon bar...not really, but we made it up...

Mamyia 645 with Leaf Aptus digital back

Little Lyndy...

This is little Lyndy. She is about a week and a half old in this picture. I have babysat her brother since he was 3 months, and i'm so excited that Lyndy is now born! : )


Lemon Bars

This is a pre-photoshop version....
I'm doing this project for our Advertising Photo assignment....you'll see the end result in a few weeks...but here's a rough sketch.

I Miss the Summer

I'm craving the summer...I can't wait because it means a few things:
I will be almost graduated
I will be finished with classes
I will be able to make money working a 45 hour week!!!
And I will be able to enjoy it :)